Whether you need us to print one item or one thousand, Y.N.G. LLC has the capacity to fill your order.  Our REVEAL3D line of printers can be configured to print duplicate parts from multiple nozzles simultaneously, allowing us to print high-volume jobs in a fraction of the time.  As an added benefit, identical designs made from different colors or materials can be produced together.

In addition, our patented system of independently-controlled printing zones allow us to duplicate parts made from materials requiring different bed temperatures on one printer, reducing reset time between each batch and keeping our production rate high.

High Volume Printing

Need something with a little extra style?  Our printers can be equipped with dual extrusion nozzles, allowing us to print your design using two different colors or filaments*.  Add some artistic flair or increase the structural integrity of your design on a single print!

*Note: Not all filament combinations are compatible.  Our design team can advise you on which materials will work for your design.

Specialty Printing

Multi-Extrusion Printing