For basic filtration, these cotton rounds are available at Walmart for about $0.02 per pad.  The mask will accept other filter material of the same size.

In light of the COVID-19 emergency, Y.N.G. LLC has answered the call to find innovative ways to stretch the limited supply of protective filtering masks. Our mask uses an interchangeable filter housing sized to accept round filters 2” - 2.4” (48mm - 60mm) in diameter and up to 0.3” (8mm) thick.

For basic filtration needs, this size will fit cotton rounds, commonly used as makeup remover pads. The user may also use sections of other filter material, such as surgical mask, to fit other needs.

Due to the user-replaceable nature of the filter, we are unable to provide a specific rating for this mask. Consult the manufacturer data for the filter material you choose for that information, and ensure the mask is fitted correctly and tightly to the face to get a good seal.

These masks are 3D printed at our facility in Indiana. You will receive one mask with elastic head bands, filter housing, and filter retainer. We will also include a filter wrench, which can assist in opening and removing the filter. Finally, each mask will come with a starter pack of 10 cotton rounds.

Several colors are available. The filter housing will match the mask. Replacement filter housings in various colors are also available. Head band color or material may vary.

Customers local to Rensselaer, IN and able to travel are welcome to use coupon code CURBSIDE to place an order for curbside pick up direct from our facility. Please contact us to arrange a pickup appointment during business hours.


Flexible, economical, and available filtration options.