As with all businesses facing COVID-19, Y.N.G. has had to make some changes to stay safe in the face of this global virus.

Additionally, as a small business we are working with extra diligence to ensure that our families, co-workers (who for several of us fall into both categories), and our customers and communities stay safe during this time.


Visiting Our Store

If you need to visit either of our locations for any reason, either to drop-off a UPS package or to pickup an order, we have posted signs on our doors requesting that you wear a face mask or covering, and we have designed public areas. You may also remain in your vehicle and call us for assistance. Our phone number is 219.866.4357. If you are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19, we would please ask that you refrain from visiting our business at this time.


Contacting Y.N.G. LLC

Additionally, while we do have a small staff and already utilize remote employees, we are implementing measures to increase social distancing and requiring face masks in all public areas.  Please call us at 219.866.4357 or email yngwebsales@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Packaging and Shipping

We have also increased cleaning and sanitizing our work spaces, per CDC guidelines. As with any product you would purchase and use for food production, we would advise that you wash our cookie and fondant cutters and stencils before use in warm soapy water - NOT in the dishwasher.


While we intend to continue to ship your orders within the usual timeframe, please note there may be some delays in shipping after it leaves our hands.
Please check the USPS and UPS websites for shipping updates.


What products does YNG have that can benefit the community at this time?

We at Y.N.G. LLC are aware of the strain COVID-19 has placed on the supply of personal protective equipment, especially respirators.  While we do not have the capability to produce N95 certified medical respirators, we are helping to relieve some of the strain on the medical supply chain by producing filtration masks for non-medical persons.  We are not alone in this endeavor. The 3D printing community at all levels from hobbyist to professional has stepped up across the US and abroad to produce solutions to the limited supply of protective gear.
We have developed designs for masks with round filters sized between 48mm (1.9 inch) and 60mm (2.4 inch).  We have selected this size as compatible with commonly available cotton rounds, though users may select other filtration material at least 1.5 mm (0.06 inch) thick such as sections of surgical masks, allowing a user with access to such material to extend the usefulness of a single mask.

While specific filtration is up to the end user and the filter material they select, our masks can be used as part of an overall protective plan in combination with good hygiene and social distancing.

We have released a basic mask design to the community at no charge. That mask can be printed in sections on any household 3D printer and assembled using common household items.  We have also developed and are producing a more rigid and fitted option similar to industrial filtration masks. Both are reusable, with replaceable filter elements, and can be cleaned and sanitized with warm water and soap or sanitizing spray.

Our free design is located on the Thingiverse website at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4240941

Our premium mask is available for sale on our web storefront at https://y-n-g-llc.myshopify.com/collections/face-masks.  Local customers are welcome to purchase online or over the phone, and we will be happy to arrange curbside pickup during business hours.


Thank you for supporting our small business.  We wish you all good health and safety during this time. - Y.N.G. LLC